Appraiser Sidekick is pleased to announce our partnership as an affiliate with Career WebSchool for online real estate appraisal courses.

Career WebSchool offers qualifying, exam preparation, and qualifying education courses for most states in the US.  The benefit of taking online courses through Career WebSchool is that they offer the same freedom and flexibility to take courses at your own pace, when you want, and where you want.  This is the same freedom and flexibility that you will have as a licensed and certified real estate appraiser.  That is one of the many reasons that people choose the appraisal profession, and Career WebSchool provides that.

From our affiliate partnership with Career WebSchool, we receive a small commission for anyone who purchases a course through the links that we provide.  If you feel that the Appraiser Sidekick has provided you value, and you are considering taking courses with Career WebSchool, we kindly ask that you use the links on this website in return.  You still pay the same great price for your courses, but this helps Appraiser Sidekick to continue to operate and provide value to aspiring and existing appraisers.

What’s next?

Learn about the qualifying or continuing education appraisal courses available online for your state.

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