How do I find a supervisor to train me?”  This is the most common question that prospective appraisers ask us.  Although the question is asked in different ways, the idea is always the same: if you are interested in a career in real estate appraising or have even started taking courses to become an appraiser, how do you find a supervisor to help you satisfy the training hours requirement?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a simple answer to that question.  There is not a list of appraisers who are willing to take on trainees.  There is no single resource that trainee appraisers can go to find a supervisor.  Note: some states have a different title for “trainee”, but we’re using “trainee” to cover all variations of the title.

The Appraiser Coach wrote an article about the 5 things you should know about becoming an appraiser, and he says: “Good (ethical) supervisory appraisers who do excellent work and will teach you well and pay you fairly do exist. However, this may require extensive networking.”

If a trainee does not know someone in the appraisal profession, there are still some options for finding a supervisor.  One option would be to check if any supervisors are hiring trainees on job boards (Appraiser Sidekick has jobs posted for each state: click here to find your state).  Another option is to network by calling local real estate appraisal companies in your area to explain your situation and ask if they would supervise and train you as an appraiser trainee.

In addition to training, most states require 80 hours of approved prelicensure appraiser education, which includes the 15 hour USPAP course, and 5 hour Supervisor Appraiser / Trainee Appraiser Course, per criteria set by the AQB (Appraiser Qualification Board).  Please visit your state’s page for more information: select your state.

What’s next?

Getting started as an appraiser means taking qualifying education courses and finding a supervisor. Appraiser Sidekick is partnering with Mbition to offer online appraisal courses.

See online qualifying education courses available for your state >>

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